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We love making jams and chutneys here at Bakestore. That’s why we have come up with this jam and preserve making kit with all the key stuff you’ll need to get going or to update your equipment. Jams and chutneys are a great way to keep your produce or for fabulous homemade gifts – and this kit is the best way to get the necessary preserving equipment at a discount.

This set covers all your main preserving, jam and chutney making equipment and accessories so you can get going as soon as it is delivered to your door. You can make your jam or chutney, decant into the smart jars and then add the labels.

Save more than £12 by buying our jam and preserve kit rather than each item on its own!


Stainless steel adjustable jam funnel

Jam straining kit

6x 440g preserving jars with screw top lids 

Pack of thirty self-adhesive jam jar labels - gingham

Stainless steel 9 litre maslin pan with handle

Deluxe stainless steel cooking thermometer

Bag of waxed circles/discs for 454g jars

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